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Which of the following was the body of civil law created for the Byzantine Empire? The Justinian Code
During the 8th-century dispute over icons, which of the following supported the use of icons? The Pope
Who was a ruler of Kievan Russia? Yaroslav the Wise
What was the Mongol Empire in Russia called? Khanate of the Golden Horde
Under Mongol rule, which happened to Moscow? Moscow grew in wealth and power
Which of the following titled did Ivan III use? Czar
What does Islam mean in Arabic? Submission to the will of Allah
How did the Abbasids control their large empire? Through a strong bureaucracy
What academic subject was developed by al-Khwarizimi Algebra
Toward what city do Muslims pray? Mecca
who was Justinian's wife? Theodora
Built during Justinian's rule who was considered by many to be the most splendid church in the Christian world Hagia Sophia
The _____________ were Northern Europeans , perhaps Vikings, who settled among the Slavs along the Dnieper River and formed a state called Kiev. Rus
What are the five basic acts of worship that are central to Islam are called the Five Pillars
Small bands of _______________ or nomadic Arab peoples, moved their herds between scattered oases on the Arabian Peninsula Bedouins
Followers of what are known as Muslims Islam
Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Yathrib came to be known as the Hijrah
Who were the mamelukes? Turkish slaves who became a powerful force in the Abbasid Empire
The Seljuks converted to which of the following religions Islam
What did Muslims believe about Muhammad He was the last and greatest of the prophets
In what form of art ca the greatest cultural blending of the Muslim world be seen Architecture
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