Term Definition
Claim When you state your opinion
Argument Reasons and evidence to support a claim
Suggest Put toward for consideration
Reveal Make known
Determine To Settle or Decide; To conclude; To come to a decision
Conclude to end; Arrive to judgement; To infer
Describe to tell in writing or spoken words; give an account of; to explain
Support To hold up, give assistance to, approval to something or someone
Examine To inspect in details; to determine
Convey To make an idea known; to communicate a message
Imply Suggest; indicate or mean
Relate How things connect
Explain To describe in more details; make clear
Interpt Explain the meaning of
Relevent Closely connected or related to what is being done
Irrelevent Not connected to what is being done
Significant important ; noteworthy
illistrate to explain or make clear
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