Question Answer
e, ec, ef out of, outside
spic see, look, observe, watch over
spit see, look, observe, watch over
vid see, take care
view see, perceive
conspicuous easy to see or notice, obvious
despicable extremely unpleasant or nasty
despite without being affected by
evidence proof, what can be seen and used as clues
inconspicuous not easy to see or notice because it is ordinary or small
interview questions and answers between people
preview to look something over or see something before
provide give something useful or necessary to
review to look at again
spite hurt the feelings of someone
suspicion an impression (a feeling) that something might be the case
video the visible part of a television transmission
viewpoint own perspective, a mental position from which things are viewed
vivid bright and intense in color; strongly perceived
con with, together
de down, away from
pro before, forward
aud to hear
struct to build
phono sound
son sound
super above, on, over
re again
pre before
de down, away from
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