Term Definition
Dis- apart, opposite of
Ex- out, away, from
Per- through, very
Asper rough
Turb commotion, agitation
-ance/-ence/-ity state, quality, act
-ation an action or proccess
-ine like, related to
a- away, from; not, without
branch gill
helminth worm
platy flat,broad
pod/pus foot
rhin nose
-al like, related to; an action or process
-ate to make, to act: one who, that which
exasperation annoyance and frustration
turbulence a state of confusion and disorder
asperity harshness or severity of manner or tone
disturbance an interruption of a state of peace and quiet
perturb to disturb greatly
turbidity a muddiness created by stirring up sediment
turbine a machine for producing power with a revolving water, gas, or air wheel
brachial of or related to gills
platypus an aquatic animal with a broad, flat bill
abranchiate lacking gills
platyrrhine characterized by a broad, flat nose
platyhelminth parasitic or free-living worms having a flattened body
branchiopod aquatic crustacean with gills on feet
Word Roots Set 5

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