Term Definition
Anecdote a short account of something in someones life
Counterfeit An imitation made to decieve
Counterfeit not genuine
Counterfeit to make an illegal copy
Dominate to rule over by strength or power
Fallible capable of being wrong or mistaken
Grimy Very dirty or covered with soot
Maul to handle violently or beat
Radiant Shining bright giving forth light or energy
Substantial Large
Tactful Skilled in handling diffucult sitations or people
Uncertainty Doubt
Consolidate to Combine
Docile Easily taught
Entreat To Beg
Fugitive One who flees or run away
Fugitive Fleeting
Iota A very small part or quantity
Potential possible to happen
Potential Something that can be made or developed
Rural Rearing to farm areas or a life in the country
Tamper To interfere with to handle in a secret and improper way
Ultimate Last final most importnt or extreme eventual basic final
Vocaulary Unit 5 Frank Bulfamante

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