Question Answer
animated full of life, lively, alive; moved to action
brood a family of young animals,especially birds;any group having the same nature and origin;to think over in a worried way
constituient an essential part; a voter who elects a representative
culminate to reach a high point of development;to end,climax
downright thoroughly,absolute,complete,frank,blunt
drone buzzing or humming sound
goad to drive or urge on
hanker to long for, to desire
indulge to give in a wish or desire,give oneself up to
literate able to read and write
loom to come into view, to appear
luster the quality of giving off light
miscellaneous mixed, of different kind of emotions
oratation a public speech
peevish cross, complaining, irritable;contrary
seethe to boil or foam
singe to burn slightly; a burn at the ends or edges
unique one of a kind
upright vertical, straight, honest
verify to establish the truth or accuracy of, confirm
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