Term Definition
Mecca Muhammad was born into an important family in the city
Islam The message that muhammad received form the basis is of the religion called
Muslims Or people who follow Islam
Qur'an The holy book of Islam
Medina Means the prophet city
Masque Or building for Muslim prayer
Jihad To make effort , or to struggle
Sunnah Refers to the way Muhammad lived,which provided a model for the bustiers and the way of life expected of Muslims
Five pillars of Islam Which are the five acts of worship required of all Muslims
Caliph A title that Muslims use for the highest leader of Islam
Tolerance Or acceptance
Janissaries Converted to Islam and became fiercely loyal warriors
Sufism Which tought people they could find gods love by having a personal relationship with god
Minarets Tall towers from were Muslims are called to prayer
Calligraphy Or decorative writing
Vocab social studies

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