Term Definition
Bluster V To talk or act in a noisy and threatening; To blow in stormy gusts.
Bluster N Speech that is loud and threatening.
Commentary N A series of notes clarifying or explaining something; an expression of opinion.
Eerie Adj Causing fear because of strangeness; Weird, mysterious.
Fidelity N The state of being faithful; accuracy in details, exactness.
Headstrong Adj Willful, Stubborn.
Pacify V To make Peaceful or calm, To soothe.
Ravenous Adj Greedy; very hungry; eager for satisfaction.
Refute V To prove incorrect.
Remorse N A deep and painful regret.
Synopsis N A brief statement.
Acute Adj With a sharp point.
Bungle V To act or work clumsily.
Duration N The length of time something lasts.
Facet N One aspect or side of a subject.
Fray N A brawl.
Fray V To wear away by rubbing
Inhabitant N One living permanently in a given place.
Numb Adj Having lost the power of feeling.
Numb V To dull the feeling.
Setback N Something that interferes with progress.
Smug Adj Overly self satisfied.
Tarry V To delay leaving.
vocab 70-79

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