Question Answer
Acquit Relieve from accusation; pronounce not guilty; discharge
Complex Having Varied by interrelated parts and therefore hard to understand; complicated; intricate
Consign Give, transfer, or deliver; as if signing over
Effrontery Shameless boldness; insolence; gall
Excruciating Causing great pain or anguish; agonizing; unbearable pain
Forbearance The act of forbearing; abstaining; patience
Hamper Interfere with ; hinder
Nettlesome Literally, full of nettles ( plants with string hairs); irritating; causing annoyance or vextation
Oblivious Unmindful; not aware; forgetful
Prodigious Extraordinary in amount or size; enourmous; gugantuc
Rejuvenate Make youthful or young again; give new vigor; refresh; reinvigorate
Residue Whatever is left after a is taken, disposed of, or gone; remainder; rest
Salutary Favorable to health; healthful; curative; beneficial; salubrious
Scrutinize Examine very closely; inspect; vet
Supersede Force out of use; displace; supplant; replace
Sweltering Oppressively hot; turrid; sultry
Unruffled Not upset or agitated; calm; cool; unflustered; collected
Unwieldy Hard to wield (handle) because of sizer weight; unmanageable; bulky; cumbersome
Withdraw 1. Take back; remove2. Draw back; go away; retreat; leave
Zany Having characteristic of a clown; mildly insane; crazy; clownish; loony
Vocab 35,36,37

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