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reform movement that sought to return control of the government to the people Progressivism
president of the Unites States who was a former president of Princeton University and governor of New Jersey Woodrow Wilson
an advocate for improving the lives of women and children Florence Kelley
muckraking journalist who exposed the terrible conditions of the meatpacking industry Upton Sinclair
the movement to protect America's natural resources conservation
the term used to describe the progressive reform of President Theodore Roosevelt Square Deal
President who believed that government should pay a role in conserving natural resources and established the U.S. Forest Service Theodore Roosevelt
watchdog agency given the power to stop unfair business practices Federal Trade Commission
President whose actions split the Republican party after he angered both progressive and conservationists William H. Taft
a plan that reformed how American banks were organized Federal Reserve System
a leader of the woman suffrage movement Susan B. Anthony
This is a vote on an initiative referendum
This included a series of reform effort that aimed to correct injustices in American life. progressive movement
This is a bill initiated, or launched, by citizens. initiative
This allowed for the popular, or direct, election of U.S. senators Seventeenth Amendment
This was one of the inspirations for the creations of assembly lines at the Ford Motor Company. scientific management
This reform governor and U.S. senator from Wisconsin made the railroad industry a major target. Robert M. La Follette
This enabled voters to remove public officials from elected positions by forcing them to face an election before the end of their term if enough voters requested it. recall
This journalist exposed the use of cutthroat methods by Standard Oil Company to eliminate competition. Ida M. Tarbell
This is a term used to describe a journalist who exposed government abuses and big business corruption to the reader of mass circulation magazines and newspapers. muckrakers
Members of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union fought for this cause by entering saloons, singing, praying and asking saloonkeepers to stop selling alcohol. prohibition
This progressive championed the rights of women and children by moving into a settlement house, working as the Chief Inspector of Factories for Illinois, helping to win passage of the Illinois Factory Act. Florence Kelley
This legislation was used by Roosevelt to file 44 antitrust suits. Sherman Antitrust Act
This was settled when Roosevelt got involved in the negotiations 1902 coal miner's strike
This was started by prominent African American and white reformers. NAACP
This is what Roosevelt promised that the common people would receive. Square Deal
At 42 years old, he was the youngest man ever to become president. Theodore Roosevelt
Roosevelt responded to this book by appointing a commission to investigate the meatpacking industry. The Jungle
This legislation halted the sale of contaminated foods or drugs and called for truth in labeling. Pure Food and Drug Act
This legislation strictly limited the distribution of free railroad passes, which was a common form of bribery. Hepburn Act
This was the principle that guided Roosevelt's efforts to organize water projects to transforms dry wilderness areas into agriculture areas. conservation
This muckraking journalist shocked readers with his nauseating account of the meatpacking industry's condition. Upton Sinclair
This legislation put forth strict cleanliness requirements for meatpacking and created the program of federal meat inspection still used today. Meat Inspection Act
This groups, made up of 29 black intellectuals, met secretly to compose a civil rights manifesto. Niagara Movement
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