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Copperheads North demarcates the sided with the south
Emancipation Proclamation all slaves living in the areas still rebelling in the united states would be free
Total War a strategy in which an army would destroy its opponents
War of Attrition to continue to fight until the south ran out of mean and ammo
Black Codes
Sharecroppers Sharing crops with someone if you do not have enough money.
Compromise of 1877
Reconstruction acts Period following the civil war during which the U.S government worked to rebuild the former confederate states and reunite the nation.
What killed more soldiers in the civil war than battle? Disease killed more soldiers than bullets did
What is the Anaconda Plan? It was a plan to circle around the north and keep moving in like and squeezing like a anaconda does.
What were Northerners called who sympathized with the South called They were called copperheads
What were the Jim Crow Laws Segregation, African american neglected, neglect-ion, separation, how people treated African Americans.
What is the Crittenden Compromise?
What was the outcome of Plessy v Ferguson?
Who were the South relying on to help in the Civil War? ( 2 Countries in Europe)
Who led the South in the Battle of Shiloh?
What kind of ruler was George McClellon? (Reluctant or Brave)
What year did Congress allow African Americans to fight in the War?
What stated that any slave living in a rebelling state was free?
What was the 54th Massachusetts infantry?
Where did the South surrender?
What is Reconstruction?
Who killed Abraham Lincoln John wilkes booth
What did the 13th Amendment do It freed slaves and made it that no one can every have slaves again
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