Question Answer
Feet to Inches times 12
Inches to feet divide by 12
Yards to feet times 3
Feet to yards divide by 3
Yards to inches times 36
Inches to yards divide by 36
Pounds to ounces times 16
ounces to pounds divide by 16
Centimeter to millimeter times 10
millimeter to centimeter divide by 10
meter to centimeter times 100
centimeter to meter divide by 100
kilometer to meter times 1,000
meter to kilometer divide by 1,000
pint to cup times 2
cup to pint divide by 2
quart to pint time 2
pint to quart divide by 2
gallon to quart times 4
quart to gallon divide by 4
ton to pounds times 2,000
pound to ton divide by 2,000
Big unit to Small unit Multiply
Small unit to big unit Divide
Unit Conversions Use these to help you remember how to do unit conversions

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