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Invented the light bulb Thomas Edison
Developed crop science by rotating what was grown to make the soil fertile George Washington Carver
Invented the telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Invented the airplane in Kitty Hawk, NC Wilbur and Orville Wright
The immigrant group that settled in the northeast US mainly in New York,, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Illinois Eastern European immigrants
During President Roosevelts's term, the US increased its reach in the Pacific Ocean by building this. Panama Canal
3 reasons for building the Panama Canal 1. Connect Pacific and Atlantic Oceans2. Establish easier trade route to Asia3. Save ships the lengthy/costly trip around southern tip of S. America
The start of the Spanish-American War was partly a result of the US involvement in this country. Cuba
3 things new immigrants found when they moved to the US 1. political freedom2. religious freedom3.more economic opportunities
A result of the rise of big business in the late 1800s/early1900s. US became the biggest producer of manufactured goods
Main reason the Northeast became an industrial center during the late 1800s. Good access to waterways
In what region of the country is Kitty Hawk, NC located? South
In what region of the country is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania located? Northeast
The most common reason people immigrated to the United States Religious freedom
What happened to the USS Maine that signaled the beginning of the Spanish American War? the USS Maine exploded
What were two areas of interest to Alexander Graham Bell that led to the invention of the telephone? He wanted to change the world and help deaf people
George Washington Carver's importance to American history He taught people a new way to farm
Because of the Spanish American War, this country gained its independence. Cuba
Because of the Spanish American War these 3 countries became under US control. Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines
Why was the Spanish American War considered a turning point for the United States? America was established as a world power.
Turn of the Century

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