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Signs of myxedema Hair dry, thin brows, eye bags edema, puffy dull face with dry skin
Signs of cretinism short height, mental retardation, protuding tongue, umbilical hernia
What thyroid disorder does myxedema & cretinism come from? Hypothyroidism
How do you diagnose HYPOTHYROIDISM T3, T4, TSH
What is the significance of iodine? food + water –> Iodide > stored in thyroid —> makes T3/T4
deficiency of iodine goiter
symptoms of graves' disease overprod of hormones, bulging eyes, redness, eyelids retract
multidinor disease enlarged thyroid gland w/ # of separate lumps in the gland
thyroid storm induced by stress/ifxn – increased HR, BP and temp
Treatment of HYPERTHYROIDISM Radioactive Iodine, Thyroidectomy, Antithyroid drugs
Radioactive Iodine destroys thyroid gland
Thyroidectomy removal of thyroid gland- need lifelong thyroid replacement
what are the types of anti-thyroid drugs? PTU, methimazole
what does the parathyroid gland do? Controls calcium
what effects does hyperparathyroidism have? metabolic bone disease, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, a-fib
what effects does hypoparathyroidism have? hypocalcemia and tenany (muscle spasms)
Thyroid gland

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