Question Answer
Goaded Pushed or driven
Imminent About to happen
Perturbed Disturbed troubled
Confronction Face-to-face meeting between opposite sides
Alleviate Relieved, reduce
Sloth Laziness
Mottled Spotted
Telepathic communication Communication without thoughts without speaking
Pinions Wings
Reprehensible Made to seem like it was a fault, something that deserved to be criticized
Contemptuous Scornful, full of meanness
Taunt Ridicule, mock
Striations Stretch marks, stripes
Officiously In a self important way
Dictom Pronouncement or judgement
Incredulous Doubting, unable to believe
Crossetting Spoiled, pampering, treating as if he was a little pet
Dissipate Disappear
Exertion Exercise effort
Unhampered Free to move around
Susurrus Rustling around
Spate Sudden outpouring
Plaintive Scornful sad
Ignominious Shameful
Oblivious Forgetful
Draconic Of a dragon
The smallest dragon

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