Term Definition
Agriculture farming or growing plants
Clan a group of related families
Irrigation a way of supplying water to crops with streams,ditches,or pipes
Nomad a person who moves around and does not live in one place
Glacier a huge,thick sheet of slowly moving ice
Migration moving to one region to another
Civilization a group of people living together who have systems of religion ,and culture
Pueblo Spanish word for town
Surplus extra
Potlatch a large feast for several days
Staple a main crop that is used for food
Ceremony a formal event at which people gather to express certain beliefs
Lodge a type of home that Plains Indians used, made of bark,earth,and grass
Travois equipment similar to a sled, made from two long poles
Longhouse a long house made out of poles and covered with bark
Confederation a type of government in which seperate groups of join together , but local leaders still make many decisions for the group
Wampum peseces of carefully shaped seashells, made into strings or belts
Barter to exchange goods without using money
The First Americans Social Studies Vocab

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