Term Definition
second continental congress was a convention of delegates from the 13 colonies
continental army was formed by the second continental congress after the break of the revolutionary war
George Washington was a american statesman and soldier who served as the first president of the united states
battle of bunker hill was the first great battle of the revolutionary war
impose something unwelcome or unfamiliar
independence the fact or state of being independent
policies a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual.
olive branch petition Image result for olive branch petition definitionThe Olive Branch Petition was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 5,
Thomas Paine A patriot and author in the Revolutionary War
common sense good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.
declaration of independence the formal statement written by Thomas Jefferson declaring the freedom of the thirteen American colonies from Great Britain.
Thomas Jefferson one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.
natural rights Rights that people supposedly have under natural law.
fundamental rights The Fundamental Rights are defined as basic human freedoms that every Indian citizen has the right to enjoy for a proper and harmonious development of personality.
independence day a day celebrating the anniversary of national independence.
The declaration

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