Question Answer
ventured took a risky action
precluded made impossible
resolved firmly intended
impunity without any consequence
retribution revenge
deed action
immolation killing by fire; sacrificing
connoisseur an expert who has the ability to judge in a certain field
imposter fake
a quack someone who is not really good at their job – usually for doctors
conical shaped like a cone
afflicted distressed with physical or mental pain or suffering
vaults an underground chamber
absconded to leave in a sudden and secret manner
catacombs an underground cemeter
orbs a sphere
filmy with a thin skin or membrane covering
motto an expression that guides a person or an organisation
serpent snake
rampant violent in action or spirit
gesticulation an animated or excited gesture
grotesque odd or unnatural
mason a person who builds things from stones; a member of the secret society
crypt or recess an underground hole or space
astounded shocked or amazed
hastened hurried
be avenged get revenge
The Cask of Amontill

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