Term Definition
What is the term for bitten nails? Onychophagy
What do you get by mixing equal parts of two primary colors? Secondary colors
What service is the foundation for a salon? A good haircut
When is a scalp massage given? Before the shampoo
A violet ray current is also known as? Tesla high frequency current
What type of water lathers shampoo the best? Soft water
How is nail polish properly mixed? Roll it between your hands
What is done to prevent problems to occur in the wrist? Keeping your wrist straight
What is the strongest/purest primary color? Blue
What do you use to get rid of red tones? Green
Hair should not be permed when it was previously colored with what type of dye? Metallic dye
When performing a perm, bands that are twisted/too tight can cause _______ to the hair. Breakage
Where are the muscles that move the palm, wrist, and hand located? Forearm
Where is the hyponychium located? Under the free edge of the nail
What base has the least amount of mobility? No stem
The best type of shampoo is acid base. Where does the pH range from? 0-6.9
What types of combs transmit/retain heat that can injure a client? Metal combs
How many hours prior to a hair color service is a predisposition test given? 24/ 24-48 hours prior
Which pin curls prevent splits around the hairline? Triangle
What is a spherical bacteria that grows in pairs and causes pneumonia? Diplococci
What is the pH of alkaline? 7-14
An example of a parasite is? Fungi
What prevents some viruses from growing in the body? Vaccination
Asian women and men tend to have what type of hair? Straight hair
Extremely curly hair grows in Long twisted spirals
To be effective in the disinfecting of implements, ethyl alcohol must be No less than 70%
Foot spas should be cleaned following the daily procedure and filled with a disinfectant solution and left at least 6 to 10 hours, then drained and flushed how often? Every week
To set foundation and prevent the transfer to clothing use Translucent powder
To keep powder in cake form, it is usually blended with Binding ingredients
The main factors to consider when choosing color for a client are the clients Hair color, eye color, and skin color
A gentle chemical exfoliation acid that helps dissolve the bonds and the inner cellular cement between cells is Alpha hydroxyl acid
What type of mask contains crystals and has the consistency of plaster Modelage mask
The use of bar soaps are prohibited in most salons because bar soaps Grow bacteria
The chemical process in living organisms by which cells are nourished and carry out their activities is Metabolism
The basal cell layer contains special cells that are called Melancoytes
Fumigants are banned in salons because they can cause Cancer
A typical symptom of bacteria infection of the nail plate that can be identified in the early stages are Yellow-green spots on the nail
Abnormal brittleness or splitting of the nails may be caused by Careless filing
Blue nails are often a sign of Poor blood circulation
Where do you position a nail form Under the free edge
The growing stage(anagen) of hair lasts how long? 3-5 years
How many bones are in the foot 26
Psoriasis is characterized by Red patches with silver/white scales
A boil (furuncle)is a sign of Bacterial infection of the hair follicle
What is the basal cell layer of the epidermis Stratum germinativum
What base is best for more volume on top On base
How do you shampoo the hair if the client cannot get their hair wet A dry shampoo
What is a relaxing massage movement Effleurage
What is a kneading massage movement petrisage
What is Seborrhea Oily
What are the three parts of the muscle Insertion, belly, and origin
A bacteria with hair-like extensions Flagella
What is the simplest form of chemical matter Element
The cosmetologist is only concerned with what type of muscle Voluntary (striated)
What are the three basic forms of matter Solid, liquid, and gasses
What system controls blood circulation Circulatory or vascular
Where is the triangularis located Below the corners of the mouth (frown)
The muscle in front of the ear is called Auricularis anterior (superior is above and posterior is behind)
Inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue caused by staph Carbuncle, furuncle, or abscess
What is lack of perspiration Anhidrosis
What month does your license expire January
In what year does your license expire? Every other odd year
After what age do you no longer need CEU hours? 65
What bone holds the cranium together Spheniod
According to State Board, what treatment is a non surgical/ non evasive procedure? Relaxation
What is trichoptolosis Split ends
How often should your State Board picture be updated Every 5 years
How long does an implement have to be left in barbacide According to manufacturers directions
Pheomelanin includes what color in the cuticle red
The auricularis_________is located behind the ear posterior
When cleaning linens and towels use Chlorinated bleach
What are 3 parts of the muscle insertion, belly, origin
What are 3 primary colors Red, yellow, and blue
What is used to dry the nail plate Dehydrator
What do you put monomer in Dampen dish
What kind of nails are cured under UV light Gel nails
What is a top coat used for? To prevent chipping
How many hours of school do you need to be an instructor? 2000
How many hours of school do you need to get your license? 1500
The smallest part of a chemical composition Atom
State Board 1 state board 1

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