Term Definition
Grounds crew The team that maintains a property’s grounds, especially the athletic field. Proper field maintenance is important because improper maintenance can lead to player injuries and league fines
Security Personnel responsible for the security and well-being of the fans, stadium property, and workers. A security shortage can lead to unruly crowds
Usher Personnel responsible for making sure fans sit in and stay in their assigned seats. Fans will move to better seats if they are available and there is no one to stop them
Gate greeter Staff members who check tickets of customers entering the stadium. They play the vital role of ensuring that only paying customers enter
Information specialist Information specialists walk around the stadium before, during, and after an event to direct customers to facilities and serve as the first line of support to customers with medical emergencies
Concession staff Team members who prepare and serve food and drinks (often alcoholic) to customers
Stage crew The crew that helps set up and test a band’s staging and equipment. They are either part of the band’s road crew or local contractors hired by the tour promoter
Sound crew The crew that runs a venue’s sound system. They are either part of the band’s road crew or local contractors hired by the tour promoter
Cleaning crew The crew responsible for stadium cleanliness before, during, and after events
Ticket takers Staffers who check tickets at stadium entrances
Ticket sellers Staffers who sell tickets to fans at the stadium
Parking cashiers Personnel who man booths at stadium parking lots and garages to take money from fans before or after an event
Parking attendants Personnel who help fans find parking spots and navigate through parking areas
Parking security Staffers who make sure that fans’ vehicles, and the personal belongings in them, are safe. They work with law enforcement to address cases of larceny and other unruly behavior
Crowd control A term for the various techniques used by security personnel to ensure a peaceful event for ticketholders
Spectator violence Violence perpetrated by spectators against fans of the opposing team or even opposing players
Stadium Staffing

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