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Name of element Neon
Atomic number 10
Atomic mass 20.1797 amo
Classification metal nonmetal metalloid Nonmetal
State of matter Gas
Number of protons electrons neutrons 10
Luster Shiny
Density How much mass per space
Element Pure substance made of only 1 atom
Atom smallest particle of matter
Symbol Ne
Melleable Metals can be flattened thin wire
Metals Group that are good conductors of heat and electricity, are malleable and ductile and and have luster
Nonmetals Group that are poor conductors of heat and electricity and are brittle
Metalloids Group of can be like metals and nonmetals
corrosive Property of metals=rusting
Deposition G to S
Sublimation S to G
Evaporation L to G
Melting S to L
Freezing L to S
Condensation G to L
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