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civilizations developed along what river in west Africa? Niger river
which ruler of Songhai helped build the largest empire in west Africa? Sunni Ali or Aska Muhammad
which African kingdom developed in the African savannas? Mali
what was the basis of African society? familes
why were the griots important to west African schooling? for oral history
which geographic feature prevented the Bantu from migrating to North Africa? The Sahara
which two trade items contributed to the development of the Ghana empire? salt & gold
how did location help make Ghana a powerful empire? trade & taxes
a new market for slaves developed with the arrival of the..,. eurpeans
what was the most common method travel through the Sahara? camel caravan
why did Ghana and Mali become successful kingdoms? trade & water
how many traditional African religions similar to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? they all believed in one god.
describe Swahili. it meant people of the ghost
describe Ibn Batutta he was a world traveler
how were the children educated in medieval west Africa? they were taught by griots.
what major crop did the Portuguese produce using enslave Africans? sugar kane
what were the characteristics of African slavery? to earn freedom back
why did Hans vischer call a trade route the "death road"? the road was 1,500 miles long
why do the Nile and Niger river have in common? civilizations lived there
how was the Muslim culture brought to west Africa? they sent people out to learn about it.
who did sundiata of Mali put in charge of the provinces? firbas & generals
what was the earliest form to African art? cave paintings
what was the language and culture of east Africa? swahilli
what did mansa musa do? he went on a Hodge and gave gold
what is the longest river in Africa? Nile river
what ideas were brought to west Africa by trade? religion, art, architecture, education
who built the largest empire in west Africa? Aska Muhammad
which European country was the first to participate in the African slave trade? Portugal
who were the fishing groups who migrated throughout Africa? banto
what empire grew wealthy from the hold and salt trade? ghana
who promised to free all the slaves in her kingdom? queen nizinga
who was the Songhai ruler who built the largest empire in West Africa? Aska Muhammad
What is a griot? storyteller
what is a plateau? high area of land
What is the sailboat used by Arab traders? dhow
who were the wandering people who settles most of Africa? bantoo
who was the Arab who traveled throughout most of the Muslim world? batutta
What is a sultan? chief of Muslim tribe
what is a clan? a group of people that are from the same ancestry?
who was the Mali leader who made a pilgrimage to Makkah? Mansa Musa
what does maternal mean? to follow mom
what is oral history? stories spread
what is an extended family? families with generalizations
what is African diaspora? the spreading of African culture
what is a kente cloth? a woven cloth
what was the largest empire in west Africa in the 1500's songhi
what was the name of the city-state in ethiopia axen
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