Term Definition
community at large individuals who live in the area where the sport/event is held
contingency plan the specific guidelines that are used when responding to undesirable circumstances
crisis management a public-relations strategy that involves the ongoing managing, planning, and coordinating of resources in the event that undesirable circumstances occur
event a gathering or activity
fans individuals or groups who express a common interest in a specific performer, athlete, team, or organization
goodwill positive feelings toward an individual or business; an advantage that an individual or business acquires beyond the value of the goods and services porvided
media the message channels used too promote a good, service, or idea; one of several sport/event fan bases
media buzz attention from a variety of media sources
proactive adapting to the environment in advance of the occurrence of events or incidents; taking advantage of opportunities rather than reacting to problems
public relations a functions of business designed to established and maintain positive relationships between the business and its various public's, or fan bases
publicity any non-personal presentation of ideas, good, or services that is not paid for by ht e individual of organization benefiting from or harmed by it
spectator a type of fan who follows and watches a specific performer, athlete, team, or organization
survey a data-collection tool used to gather useful information from individuals
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