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Copperheads northern democratize sympathized with the south during the civil war
Emancipation Proclamation order announced by president Abraham Lincoln in 1862 that freed the slaves in areas rebelling the union
Total War strategy of fighting in witch an army destroys its opponents ability to fight by attacking civilian and economics as well as military
War of Attrition that is to continue fighting until the south ran out of men supplies and the will to fight
Amnesty this would give a full pardon to all southerners except high ranked confederates leaders and few others
Black Codes closely resembled pre civil war slave codes
Carpetbaggers the new comers they joked were needy adventures of the lowest class who could carry everything they owned in the carpetbaggers a type of cheap suitcase
Sharecroppers farmer would work on land in trad for crops
Compromise of 1877 agreement to settle the distributed presidential election of 1876 democrats agreed to accept republican Rutherford b Hayes as president in return for the removal of federal troops from the south
Reconstruction acts The readmission of the southern states into the union.
What killed more soldiers in the civil war than battle?
What is the Anaconda Plan? To constrict the opponent of all resources
What were Northerners called who sympathized with the South called?
What were the Jim Crow Laws? o segregate the African Americans from the whites
What is the Crittenden Compromise? Kind of reinstating the missouri compromise.
What was the outcome of Plessy v Ferguson? The african americans right of freedom.
Who were the South relying on to help in the Civil War? ( 2 Countries in Europe)
Who led the South in the Battle of Shiloh?
What kind of ruler was George McClellon? (Reluctant or Brave) Reluctant because he was holding back on attacking.
What stated that any slave living in a rebelling state was free?
What was the 54th Massachusetts infantry?
Where did the South surrender?
What is Reconstruction? The rebuilding of the South after the war.
Who killed Abraham Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth.
What did the 13th Amendment do? Allowed the african americans to vote
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