Term Definition
volunteer someone who freely preforms a service
stratagies overall plans to win a war
guerilla tactics tactics used for fighting a war against a regular army like shooting from behind trees
allies people fighting on the same side against a common enemy
taxes required payments to a government
inflation money loses value when prices rise too quickly
ratify to approve something
shay's rebellion an uprising by Massachusetts's farmers against taxes
articles of confederation the first form of government by the 13 colonies
declaration of indapendence document written by tommos jefferson stating the 13 colonies free from brittan
seccond Continental congrees seccond metting of 13 colonies where genral washington hired and contanential army made
common sence booklet written by tomos pane arguing for indapendence in simple words
malita a small army of ordinary people
treson the crime of disloyalty towards a ruler or a government
social studies q2 vocab

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