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What is the significance of irrigation in Mespotamia Helped water crops and move farther away from water
What are 5 characteristics of a civilization 1.Government 2.Culture 3.Religousvsystem 4.Food supply 5.Social classes
What is the location of Mespotamia Our modern day Iraq
Sumerian city-states From 4000bc-2100bcMade the wheel, plow,sailboat, and cuneiform
Akkadian Empire 2330-2100bcControlled by king Sargon The first empire
Babylonian empire 1800-1500bcKing HammurabiFirst to have written laws/Hammurabi Code
Assyrian Empire 1100-612bcHad the first library Controlled Mespotamia,EgyptCreated the siege engine
Chaldean Empire 612-539bcKing NebuchadnezzarIshtar Gate/Hanging gardens of Babylon
Persian Empire 550-333bcKing Cyrus Modern day Iran Tolerant
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