Question Answer
A storm with lightning, thunder, heavy rain and strong winds is called a __________ storm. severe
Some thunderstorms produces what? hail
A thunderstorm may cause lightning to cause _____ fires
What shape cloud comes from a strong cloud with winds spinning at very high speeds? Funnel-shaped clouds
What is the name of a large storm that forms over warm water? Hurricane
Hurricanes may cause damage to _________ zone coastal
You should stay _________ during a thunderstorm inside
What should you do during a tornado IF you cannot find shelter? Lie in a ditch or other low place
Becky lives on the coast of Florida, she heard on the news that a hurricane is heading her way. What should she do? Head inland
Larry was sitting in his car at store when he seen a tornado a short distance away from him. What should Larry do next? Get out of the car
Severe Weather 4.E.2B.2

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