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What is hydroponics? Growing a plant in water without soil.
You can grow a plant in water if you give it ____. Nutrients
What are the basic needs of seeds? Nutrients, water, sunlight, and air.
How do you know if a seed is germinating? The seed gets bigger, the seed coat falls off, and a root grows.
What is the function of a flower? To make seeds/fruit.
What are the functions of roots? To soak up nutrients, soak up water, and hold the plant in place.
How do seeds get energy? From the food stored in the cotyledons.
What are the two main types of roots? Fibrous and taproot
What is the difference between fibrous roots and taproots? Fibrous roots are messy and go in all directions. Taproots have a shoot with small roots attached (like a carrot).
Describe the life cycle of a bean plant. 1. You have a dormant seed.2. The seed starts to germinate.3. You have a seedling when it has a stem, root, and leaves.4. It becomes an adult plant.5. It grows flowers.6. The flowers grow fruit.7. The seeds inside fruit will fall out/disperse.
Which structure makes food for a plant? Leaves
Which structure holds the seeds? Fruit
What are the structures of a seedling? Stem, roots, and leaves
The stages of a plant's life as it grows and changes is called it's ________. Life cycle
A seed will start to germinate if you give it _____. Water
The early growth of a seed is called _____. Germination
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