Term Definition
Cytoplasm mostly water, allowing organelles to be moved around
Mitochondria power plant
Golgi bodies collect and process materials removed, make and secrete mucus
Vacuole removed unwanted substances, enclosing fluid in a sac
Endoplasmic reticulum transport materials through the cell membrane
Chloroplasts contains chloroplast and gives leaves green color
Asexuel reproduction uniparental, similar to parent
Sexuel reproduction biparnetal, different from parent
Mitosis the division of the contents of the nucleus (PMAT)
Prophase chromosome become visible, nucleus membrane breaks down
Metaphase chromosomes line up in the middle, each cremated attached to a sprinkle fibre
Anaphase chromosomes separate and move to opposite side, sprinkle fibre lengthen, elongation the cell
Telophase nuclear membrane forms, sprinkle breaks down, two nuclei
Cytokinesis cytoplasm divides producing two cells, develop a new cell wall
Tuberculosis ???
Alzheimer ????
Gills ?
Xenotransplantation transplanting of body parts from one species to another

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