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Jamestown The first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia
Indentured Servants Colonists who received passage to North America in exchange for labor
Bacon's Rebellion Nathaniel Bacon led this attack against the colonial government in Virginia.
Toleration Act of 1649 A law that made the restriction of religious rights of Christians a crime and it was the first law guaranteeing religious freedom in the Americas.
Slave Codes Laws made to control slaves.
Puritans Protestants who wanted to reform the Church of England
Pilgrims Separatists that left England and came to America
Immigrants A person who leaves their country to live in another
Mayflower Compact A document written by the pilgrims establishing self-government for the first time in America
Staple crop A crop that is contiuously in demand such wheat, barley and oats.
Roanoke First attempted English settlement known as the "Lost Colony"
English Bill of Rights This was a shift in political power from the British Monarchy to Parliament.
Triangular Trade Trading networks in which goods and slaves moved between England, Africa and the American Colonies.
Great Awakening This is a widespread religious movement in the American Colonies in the 1730's and 1740's.
Stamp Act of 1765 This law, passed by Parliament, put a tax on paper items.
Boston Tea Party Colonists dumped tea in the Boston Harbor to protest against the Tea Act.
Intolerable Acts These are a series of laws Parliament passed to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party.
Cash Crops Crops that are grown for profit on plantations such as tobacco, rice and indigo
Colonize To send people to new territories to establish settlements
Quakers A Christian group that had early beliefs about equality and abolition.
Middle Passage The voyage slaves were forced to take from Africa to the Americas
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