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Major geological events that occur when plates shift suddenly and release stored energy. Earthquakes
Preserved parts or traces of animals and plants that lived in the past. Fossils
A mixture of sand, silt, clay, rock, and humus. Soil
Hold inside, as soil doses with water. Retain
A component of soil that is usually a red – orange color and its texture is thick and sticky when wet. Clay
The component of soil made by weathering of rocks into tiny grains, which are rough and gritty. Sand
A mixture of types of Earth; top layer of the soil. Topsoill
When rocks are arranged and create weathering, erosion, and other natural processes. Rock Formation
Areas are considered to involve or affect only a small area in which we live in. Local
How rough or smooth something is. Texture
Is a componet of soil made by the weathering of rocks and pebble that usually have a smooth texture. Gravel

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