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inspect to look at carefully to see if there are any mistakes
spectator someone who is watching an event, usually a sporting event
verdict the jury's decision in a case
speculate "I don't know for sure, so let me think about this from other people's point of view."
indictment a person has been charged with a crime and will be out on trial
respect If you are a good student, you will respect, or honor, your teachers.
dictator someone who rules with complete and total power; everyone must follow their laws and commands
spectacles glasses
contradict to go against, to say the opposite"It's not a good idea to contradict a police officer about the speed limit."
"spec" look
"dict" speak
circumspect circum = aroundspect = lookto look around at all the possibilities
predict pre = beforedict = speakto say something before it happens
contradict contra = againstdict = speakto speak against
the suffix –or in dictator and inspector a person who
REVIEW spec/dict

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