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What are the States of matter Gasliquidsolid
What is gas A physical substance which must be contained in a sealed container
Liquid A physical substance which will assume the shape of its container
What is a solid A physical substance that retains its shape unsupported
Water may exist in all 3 forms Ice/solidWater/liquidGas/vapor-steam
The physical state of a substance can be changed by Temperature
Latent heat A change in state without a change in temperature
Latent heat can only be added if Some liquid water is present
Super heat is When all liquid is vaporized, heat is then added to the steam and raises the temperature
Condensation The reverse process of super heat. When heat is removed from steam at 212°F
Latent heat of vaporization is The amount of energy needed to change liquid to vapor without a change in temperature
Latent heat of fusion The amount of heat needed to change a liquid to a solid
Latent heat of sublimation When a substance vaporizes from a solid state to a vapor state when heat is applied; without a change in temperature
Sensible heat When heat is added and it causes a rise in temperature without a change in physical state
Saturated vapor In refrigeration when a vapor is at its evaporating temperature it is known as saturated vapor. It is in the presence of its own liquid.
Superheated vapor A vapor that contains no liquid. The addition of heat will superheat the vapor
Evaporation In an open vessel molecules of liquid in continuous motion at various velocities move, penetrate the surface, where it is now in a vapor or gaseous state…dries up.
Vapor pressure Saturated molecules exerting pressure. The higher the temperature the faster the molecules move
Boiling point The liquid is that at which the vapor pressure of the liquid equals the pressure on the surface of the liquid
Boiling evaporation occurs where Not just on the surface of the liquid but throughout its volume
Subcooled liquid When the liquid is cooled below the condensing temperature
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