Term Definition
goaded pushed or driven
imminent about to happen
perturbed disturbed; troubled
confrontation face to face meeting between opposing sides
alleviated relieved;reduce
sloth laziness
mottled spotted
telepathic communication communication of thoughts without speakings
pinions wings
reprehensible made to seem like it was a fault, something that deserved to be criticized
contemptuous scornful; full of meanness
taunt ridicule; mock
striations stretch marks; stripes
officiously in a self important ways
dictum pronouncement or judgment
incredulous doubting; unable to believe
cosseting used as; spoiling pampering ; treating as if were a little pet
dissipate disappear ; go away
exertion exercise ; effort
unhampered free to move around
susurrus rustling sound
spate sudden outpouring
plaintive sorrowful sad
ignominious shameful
oblivious forgetful not aware of
draconic of a dragon

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