Question Answer
Pan- All
Para Alongside of
Path Disease
Ped, pedi Foot, child
-Penia Too few
Pexy To sew up into position
Phagia Swallow
Pharyngo Throat
Phasia Speak
Phlebo Vein
Phobia Fear, dread
Phonia Voice
Pilo Hair
Plasty Operative revision
Plegia Paralysis
Pleur Side
Pnea Breathing
Pneumo, pneum, pneumon Air, lungs
Polios Gray
Poly Much, many
Porphyro Purple
Post After
Pre Before
Procto Rectum
Pseudo False
Psycho Mind
Ptosis Falling
Pyelo Pelvis or kidney
Pyloro Gatekeeper
Pyo Pus
Pyro Heat, temperature
Pc After meals
Per By, through
Ph Acidity
Po By mouth
Postop Postoperative
Prn Whenever necessary, when required
Pt, pt Patient
Quadr Four
P’s and Q’s

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