Question Answer
I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot the deputy arrow arrow (preterite preterite)
I thought squigley (Imperfect)
I loved my dog imperfect
they slept and I worked yesterday arrow arrow
they were playing poker imperfect
they wanted a cookie (but they don't want one now) preterite
they wanted a cookie imperfect
I was very sick imperfect
Bob went to Chicago preterite
Bob was going to Chicago imperfect
we were watching tv then the man knocked on the door imperfect, preterite
you thought it was was easy (but found out it wasn't) preterite
he was repairing the bicycle imperfect
we used to walk along the lake imperfect
once we walked along the lake preterite
Fino used to have hair imperfect
Fino had hair (emphasis he doesn't have it now) preterite
Fino's mom said he was cute when he was baby preterite
the children used to believe in ferries imperfect
they played baseball every Saturday imperfect
I earned a million dollars in college preterite
I used to earn good money imperfect
they were happy but she was depressed imperfect imperfect
el fin
preterite v imperfec arrow v squigley

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