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What is the political party’s platform? a written series of statements expressing the party's principles, beliefs, and positions on election issues
What are the 4 Functions of Political Parties? Recruiting and nominating candidatesEducating the voters (electorate) about campaign issues (informing citizens)Monitoring actions of officeholders (aka "watchdog")Helping candidates win elections; campaigning for candidates; carrying the people's mes
Describe the “Watchdog” function of political parties the party not in power monitors the other party's(party in power) actions
What effect does income have on voter turnout? the higher your income, the more likely you are to vote
What are the 3 factors that predict whether citizens will vote? age, income and education
What type of election do most voters turn out for? presidential
When reviewing media’s coverage of political events, what should voters look out for? Bias
Describe the term BIAS prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way to be considered unfair
What are the ways that people can register to vote? in person at the registrar's office, by mail, online, at the DMV
How many days prior to the Election must you register in Virginia 22
What are the results of the high cost of campaigns? gives advantage to the wealthy, requires a lot of fundraising, special interest has a lot of influence
What is the main purpose of a Political Action Committee (PAC)? to raise money for special interest
What types of data can reflect bias? political poll results from a particular party
How do government officials use the media? to communicate viewpoints to the public
How does a special interest group conduct political lobbying? they ask legislators(members of congress) to pass laws that support their interest
Why are third parties important? they introduce new ideas that the main parties adopt (take on)
How many total Electoral College votes? 538
How is the number of electoral votes determined for each state? based on the number of people the state has in the House of Representatives AND the Senate.
How many Electoral College votes must a candidate get to win the Presidency? 270
Describe the “winner-take-all” system of the Electoral College The candidate who wins the popular vote in the state gets all the state's electoral votes.
What type of party system benefits most from the “winner-take-all” system of the Electoral College? A two party system
What does the “winner-take-all” system force candidates to do during their campaigns for the Presidency? to target the more densely populated(states with lots of people) states
Why do special interest groups have more influence in campaigns? they raise and donate money to candidates who support their interests/issue
What are the strategies for evaluating campaign information? Separating fact from opinion,Detecting bias,Evaluating sources,Identifying propaganda,Analyzing material from multiple perspectives
What are the 3 requirements for registering to vote in Virginia? 18 years old, a citizen, and live in Virginia
Why is it difficult for Third Parties to win Presidential election? because of the Winner Take All system
In order to win an election, what does a major party do? appeal to the political center (the moderates)
What are the roles of mass media in elections? Identifying candidates,Focuses public attention on selected issues,Offers a forum in which opposing viewpoints are communicated,Holds government officials accountable to the public,Informs policymakers and influences public policy.
What type of campaigning would you use in a national Presidential campaign versus a state or local campaign? run your commercials/ads on network t.v.
What are you using when you spread certain ideas that may involve misleading messages designed to manipulate people? propaganda
What is the term for each individual part of a political party’s platform? plank
What is an association of voters with broad common interest who want to influence or control decision making in government by electing a party’s candidates to public office called? political party
What is the group of people named by each state legislature to select the President and Vice President called electoral college
What is political organizations established by corporations, labor unions, and other special interest groups designed to support candidates by contributing money called? PAC (political action committee)
What is a way for citizens to vote on state or local laws (an example of direct democracy)? referendum
What is an election in which voters choose candidates to represent each party in a general election (it’s like the playoffs)? primary
What is the list of candidates on which you cast your vote called? ballot
What is an organization of people with some common interest who try to influence government decisions called? special interest group
What is a politician who has already been elected to office and is running for re-election called? incumbent
What do you call a representative of an interest group who contacts lawmakers or other government officials directly to influence their policy making? lobbyist
What is the course of action the government takes in response to an issue or problem called? public policy
What do you call an election where voters choose candidates for various offices (like President, Governor, US Congress, VA General Assembly, Board of Supervisors, etc.)? general election General Election
Is flag burning allowed under the 1st Amendment? Why or Why not? Yes, it is considered an expression of free speech
Is the 1st Amendment limited or unlimited? Explain. There are limits. Example: you can yell fire in a crowded theater because it will endanger people
Make sure that you know the 5 freedoms and can recognize them in visuals. Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition, Speech
Political Process Political Process Unit Test Review

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