Term Definition
Continental drift
Sea floor spreading
Plate tectonics
The hypothesis that states that the continents one formed a single landmass, broke up and drifted into there location now
Oceanic plates diverging make under water volcanos
A block of lithosphere that consists of the crust and the Riged, outer most part of the mantle
Convergent boundary The boundary formed by the collision of two lithospheric plates
Divergent boundary The boundary between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other
Transform boundary The boundary between two tectonic plates that are sliding past each other horizontally
Convergent currents Circular motions in the mantle from liquid rock that move the tectonic plates
Wegener Was the man who created the hypothesis that all continents are moveing and that they once formed a super continent.
Volcano A places when lava and magma spews and gasses are let out.
Hot spot Are volcanic activity that is not any were ner a boundary
Mid ocean ridge Is the location of a diverging boundary under water wea??re new crust is formed
Subduction When one tectonic plate gets subducted under the other.
Vent Are the holes on the sides of a volcano that spew lava.
Plate tectonics

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