Term Definition
Continental drift The hypothesis that states that the continents once formed a single landmass,broke up,and drifted to their present location.
Pangaea Super content that existed about 245 millions years ago.
Sea-floor spreading Is the process by which new oceanic lith
Plant tectonics The lithosphere
Convergent boundary Come together
Divergent boundary Come apart
Transform boundary Slide
Convection currents
Hot spots Are volcanically active places on Eartha??s surface that are far from plate boundaries.
Mid-ocean ridges
a current in a fluid that results from convection.
A scientist who looked at the pieces of the puzzle.
an intense suppressed emotion or situation liable to burst out suddenly.
a long, seismically active submarine ridge system situated in the middle of an ocean basin and marking the site of the upwelling of magma associated with seafloor spreading. An example is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Plate tectonics

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