Question Answer
Continental drift Is the hypothis that states that the continents once formed a single landmass
Pangaea A single giant continent, Wagner thought broke apart, then drifted to their present location
Sea floor spreading Is the process by which new ocean lithosphere forms as magma rises toward the serface and solidifies.
Plate tectonics Is the the theory that the eartha??s lithosphere is divided into tectonic plates.
Convergent boundary When two tectonic plates collide.
Divergent boundary When two tectonic plates separate
Transforming boundary When tectonic plates slide pass each other
Covection currents Hot circules
The man who came up with Pangea and plate tectonics
Volcano Areas of the eartha??s surface through which magma and volcanic gases pass
Hot spots Are volcanically active places on the eartha??s surface that are far from plate boundaries
Mid ocean ridges Under water mountain chains that run through the eartha??s ocean basins
Subduction When rock becomes cool and more dense it sinks
Vent An opening at the surface of the earth through which volcanic material passes through
Plate tectonics

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