Term Definition
Continental drift The continents were once all together and drifted apart, and may drift back together
Was once a supercontinent
Sea floor spreading The process by which new lithosphere is created
Plate Tectonics The theory that the plates move
Convergent Boundary When plates collide with each other
Divergent Boundary When plates divide from one another
Transform Boundary When plates slide against each other
Convection Currents A circular motion in the mantle that causes plates to move
Wegener The man who first thought about the theory of Continental Drift
Volcano An area on the surface where magma and gases escape
Hot Spots
Volcanically active spots far from plate boundaries
Mid-oceanic ridges A gap in the ocean, which magma flows from
Subduction When one plate is pulled under another
Vent Openings in the Crust
Plate Tectonics

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