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Where could a ttechnician find employment opportunities Hospitals,community pharmacies or mail order
The common reference provides comprehensive and timely drug information about prescriptions and OTC products Drug facts and comparisons
In managed care, care is managed by a Insurer
What prohibited interstate commerce in adulterated or disbanded food drinks and drugs? Food and drug act of 1906
These medications are drugs that bear a hightes risk of causing significant patient harm when are used in error High alert drugs
Federal law that sets daily and monthly limits on OTC sales or pseudoephedrine and ephedrine Compact methamphetamine epidemic Act
Certified pharmacy technicians need a continuing education every two years to renew certification 20 hours in 2 years
Which common reference would you use to find information on chemical attributes of a drug The Merck Index
How should zyrtec be written in tall man letters ZyrTEC
How many phases dose the FDA require testing in humans 3
What do the last set of the NBC mean Package size
An example of unit dose packaging is 2 tablets of naproxen orders for a patient
After a patent expired for a medication, other manufacturers may copy the drug and release it as what Generic
The national drug code (NDC) assigned by who Manufacturer
What process against illegal copying of new discoveries Patenting
Who is the Dea associated with 1970 csa
What literature contains condenses works based on primary literature. Tertiary
Because of fatal poisoning from liquid sulfanilamide, what requires new drugs be shown to be safe before marketing 1938 food drug and cosmetic act
The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry devotes about how much of its income to research and development 1/6
What schedule of drugs which one deals with drugs that have no accepted medical use in the US Schedule 1
An inactive substance given in place of a medication during clinical trials is what Placebo
What must the manufacturer follow to be able to Market their drug without FDA approval Monograph requirements
What required drug manufacturers to provide proof of safety and efficiency Kefauver-Harris amendment
Pharmacy law

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