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What is it? All movement requires muscles.Uses chemical engrey stored in nutrence to contact
What are the functions of the system? Provide muscles. Movement Transport Fluids/food Heart beat Produce heat
3 types of muscles? Cardiac Skeletal Smooth
Structure of skeletal muscle Layers of connective tissue that separates skeletal from others called FACIA.Facia surrounds each muscle & forms a tendon that connects muscle bone All layers allow parts of muscle to move independently
Each muscle is surrounded by a thin layer of connective tissue called? Endomysium
Connective tissue that forms broad fibrous sheets is called? Aponeuroses- witch attaches to bone of the muscles
epimysium Connective tissue that is closets to skeletal muscle
Perimysium Connective tissue that extends inward and forms small compartments
Small compartments that contain bundles of muscle fibers are ? Fascicles
Skeletal muscle fibers Single cell that connects in response to stimulation and relaxes when the stimulation is gone Thin long with round ends
Cytoplasm of cell contains Myofibrils -help with muscle contracted
Myofibrils contain 2 proteins? Myosn (thick)Actin (thin) Gives light and dark striaton of muscle
Striations form a pattern? Sarcomeres Are functional unit of muscle contraction a?? working parta??
Eye bond (Light bond)Connected to the Z line
A bond (Dark bonds) Overlap
Sarcoplasmic reticulum Communicates with other cells
Transverse tubules Open to the outside of the muscle
Nerve cells are called? Neurons
Neuromuscular junction Muscle fibers connect to motor neurons functionally (not physically) connetion is called synapse When nerve impulses leaves the brain & reacts the motor it releases nuctransmitter that stimulates the muscle fibers to contract
Neurons that control skeletal muscles are? Motor neurons
Neurons release a chemical in the synapse called ? Neurotransmitter.
Connection between motor and muscle fiber is? Neuromuscular junction
Skeletal muscle contractions When muscles fibers shorten and pull on its attachments
Role of myosin and actin When muscle contracts myosin forms a bridge when attaches to action this bridge then bends which causes muscle to o shorten Thick & thin filaments slide past eachother
Neurotransmitter that stimulates muscle contraction ? Acetylcholine
When impulse stops acetylcholine is broken down by a chemical called ? AcetylcholinesterasePrevents impulse from continuous stimulation
Stimulus for contractions Acetylcholine blinds to receptors in the synapse and enters muscles fibers Muscle impulse travels all over and deep into the muscle fibers shere calcium is released and blinds muscle proteins Calcium returns to cell and muscle relaxes
Muscles system day 1

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