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True ribs First 7, directly attach to sternum
Floating ribs 2 bottom ribs, have no attachment to sternum
Clavicle Collar bone
Coccyx Tail Bone
Acromion process Tip Of Shoulder
Thoracic vertebrae Contains 12 vertebrae
Crevical Vertebrae 7 vertebrae of neck
Sacrum triangular structure
There are __ ribs OR ___ pairs 24, 12
Sternum Breast Bone
Parts of Sternum Ischium, ilium, pubis
Vertebrae column Extends from skull to pelvis
Mandible Lower Jaw
Zygomatic Bones Below and sides of eyes CHEEK BONES
Maxillae Upper Jaw
Frontal Bone Forehead
Occipital Forms back of skull and base of cranium
Parietal Located of sides of skull
Inferior nasal conchae Scroll shaped bones attached to side of nasal cavity
Vomer Bone Middle of nasal cavity
Ethmoid Front of sphenoid Bone
Sphenoid Between bones toward front of cranium
Nasal Long and thin.
Lacrimal In medial wall of the orbit
Temporal Form part of sides and the bases of cranium
Palatine Behind maxillae
Ball and socket Globe shaped ( shoulder and hip )
Saddle Articulating bones have concert concave region Carpals and metacarpals
Hyperextension Extension of part @ a joint betting anatomical position
Dorsiflexion movement @ ankle that brings foot closer to shin
Pronation Turn hand so palm is down
Circumduction Move finger in circle
Rotation Move part around an axis
Adduction Move part toward midline of body
Moving away from midline
Joints classified by Tissue that binds bone together
Human body has how many joints 230
Bursa Fluid sac
Gliding joints Allow twist and sliding mostly flat,Wrists and ankle
Cartilaginous joint Hyaline cartalige binds these bones together
Fibrous joint Between Bones that are close
Flexion Bending part, angle decreases
Hinge joint Like elbow and phalanges, like hinge of door
Elevation raising part
Depression Drooping part
Inversion Turn medically into body
Eversion Turn plantar foot laterally
Sup nation Turn upward
Extension Straighten a part
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