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Positive impact of mongols pax Mongolia 200 year period of peace
What caused the pax Mongolia The mongols monopoly over the Silk Road destroying Turkish and Arabic cities
One control was established over the trade routes what would the mongols do? Mongols would return to the cities and rebuild them
Mongols unified … Parts of China, India, Central Asia, Muslim Middle East, and Russia
Attacked China in ____ and burned down ___ cities 1215, 90
Two great Silk Road cities that were burned down Samark and Bukhara
Anyone who resisted were ; _____ men were _____ women were ______ Destroyed , men executed, women sold into slavery
Anyone who submitted … Became apart of mongol empire
What was changed khans grandsons name? Kublai Khan
Kublai Khan creates the _____ conquering ____ in ____ Yum dynasty, Tibet,Vietnam,china, 1279
Impacts Pax Mongolia, written mongol language, religious tolerance, spread Buddhism,islam,daoism, Mongol mail system (pony express), Mongol exchange, new methods of warfare, etc
Trade from ___ to ____ and beyond Venice , Beijing
Population Population shifts; forcibly relocated
Altered the ______ of _____ and ____ Political histories, China,Russia,Europe
____ the size of the Roman Empire Double
After soldiers died what would the mongols do Allocated funds to the widows
Reorganized army by Each unit having a mix of tribal/ethnic people and had to live and fight together
_____ system created Writing
Eventually will abolish ___ Slavery
New rule No mongol shall be enslaved
The decline of mongol empire No ruler as strong as ghangis and kublai, resentment of mongol rule grows in Russia and China, empire begins to get to big and diverse, empire divides into khanates
During Ming and Qing dynasty China _____ but the empire entered a period of _____ in response to increasing European contact Prospered , isolation
In ___ Kk conquered China and found the _____ dynasty Yuan
After kk death in ____ the yuan dynasty ___ 1294, weakened
What caused the rise of a new empire The weakness combined with Chinese resentment of Mongol rule made China ripe for rebellion
In 1368 who over threw last mongol emporer as a peasant Zhu Yuanzang
What name did Zhu take Hongwu a??vastly martiala??
What dynasty did hongwu found Ming dynasty
How long did Ming dynasty last 1368-1644 nearly 300 years
Chinaa??s rulers gained control of Korea, Mongolia, parts of Central Asia, Souteast Asia
During the Ming dynasty Hongwu Reduced taxes, improved trade, increased stability, and agriculture
Confucian ideas: Hongwu restored _______ Civil service examination system
To root out corruption Increased influence of censors
Hongwu expanding power: Greatly expanded power, took over more control of gov, Ming empowers more powerful then before ones, eliminated rivals
After hongwu died in 1398 Son yong became emporer
Yonglo Son of hongwu ruled from 1402-1424 , moved Beijing as capitol , built vast imperial city of biejing, sponsored oversea voyages to extend Chinese influence
Forbidden city People forbidden from entering
Zheng he Chinese Muslim, led seven voyages around Indian Ocean as far as Africa , sailed with fleets as much as 300 ships to show China power, presented gifts everywhere he went, voyages ended 1433
Voyages ending in 1433 Led to isolation , Ming restricted foreign trade and travel, merchants only allowed trade at few ports, Christian missionaries influenced decision to isolate China, Ying disliked European influences , wanted to preserve Chinese culture
Matteo ricci Europeans gained influence in China he was on Jesus priest arrived in 1583, learned Chinese adopted customs to be accepted, introduced learning in math and science
Mongol threat Ming faced renewed mongol threat in north to improve defense Ming restored chinas great wall
Great Wall Earlier walls repaired most construction new most of Great Wall seen today built by ming
Prosperity Ming rule brought prosperity Improved irrigationPeasants produced huge rice crop in southern vally
Growth of crops and population New crops corn sweet potatoes from Americaa??s reaches China which increased farm outputStability, a lot of food led to population growth
Growth of cities, industries Porcelain and silk expanded in response to European demand
Ming dynasty decline Late 1500s weak rulers corruption increased raised taxes 1600 high taxes crop failures hardship; rebellion
The Manchu Ming China weakened the Manchu saw there chance in 1644 Manchu swept there capitol last ming emporer killed himself to avoid capture
Manchu names there dynasty Qing dynasty
Strengths of ming dynasty Increased stability and prosperity
Weakness of ming Isolation from foreign influence, weak rulers late 1500s
Mongol culture Nomadic tribesYurtsSkillful herders of sheep , horses, and camels, AggressiveTribe and clan based
Steppe diplomacy Personal courage in battleIntense loyalty to alliesBetray others for better positionEntice other tribes for cooperative relations
Khan as a leader Valued individual meritWinning honorableAnything to win (trickeryFear to conquerLoved negative prFought on move

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