Term Definition
Fertile Crescent – Located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, a large arch of fertile farmland
Irrigation – the supply of water to fields using man made systems
Canal – human-made waterways that carry water to land
City-State – consists of a city and all the countryside around it
Empire – group of different lands and people governed by one ruler
Polytheism – the worship/belief in many Gods
Priest – people who perform religious ceremonies
Social Hierarchy – the division of a society by rank or class
Cuneiform – the world’s first writing system. Created by the Sumerians.
Pictograph – picture symbols that represent a word or object
Scribe – a writer
Ziggurat – a temple for worshipping Gods
Hammurabi's Code – the first written laws! 282 laws that dealt with almost every part of daily life
Famine – an extreme lack of crops or food causing widespread hunger
Monarchy – a form of government that has one ruler
Alphabet – a set of letters that can be combined to form words

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