Term Definition
Multi-poly- Many
-ism process or condition
-ectomy surgical removal
-otomy surgical removal
-ostomy surgical creation of an artificial opening
-plasty surgical repair
-scope instrument used for visual exam
-scopy process of a visual exam
-gram recorded image
-graphy process of a recorded image
-itis inflammation
a- no,not,without
-rrhea discharge or flow
-rrhage excessive bleeding
-rrhexis rupture
-rrhapy surgical suturing
Dys- painful, bad
peri- around
Endo- within, inside
Hypo- below, deficient
Exo- outside, outward
-osis abnormal condition
-algia pain
Leuk/o white
Pexy- surgical fixation
-ologist study of
Hyper- excessive
-emia of the blood/blood condition
-lith stone
med terms mod 5

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