Term Definition
Apex The highest point
Assimilating Absorbing
Bastion A well-fortified position
Coverts Thick underbrush providing cover
Crepitation Crackling sound
Cynicism Attitude scornful of the motives or virtues of others
Declivities Downward slopes
Derision Scorn or ridicule
Derisive Scornful
Ebullience Zestful enthusiasm
Eclipsed Obscured; blocked from view
Effigy A likeness or image
Elephantine Ponderously clumsy
Excruciatingly Intensely painfully
Festooned Decorated
Gesticulated Made hand motions
Glamour Magic spell; enchantment
Hiatus A break
Impalpable Intangible; not perceived by touch
Impervious Incapable of being affeected
Improvisation To invent without preperation
Incantation A verbal charm or spell
Incredulity Disbelief
Inimical Unfriendly; hostile
Inscrutable Impenetrable
Luxuriance Having rich or profuse growth
Maternal Relating motherhood
Myopia A visual defect like nearsightedness
Obtuseness Dullness; flatness; lack of sharp edges
Opaque Light can't get through it
Pall A gloomy affect
Pinnacles Tall, pointed formations
Propitatingly Appeasingly; trying to please
Purged Freed from impurities
Rebuke To criticize or repremand
Sanctity Sacredness; godliness
Sinewy Lean and muscular
Skewed Turned to one side
Specious Plausible but actually false
Tacitly Without being spoken
Taut Tight
Tempestuously Like a storm; turbulently
Truculently Disposed to fight
Lord of the Flies

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