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was africa's geography boring or diverse? how and based on what did africans live their lives diverse; differently based on where they lived
world's largest desert? between who did this create a barrior? saharan desert; north africa and sub-saharan africa
who were early socities of north africa influenced by? mediterranean cultures such as the phoenicians and romans
by 750 north africa became part of what empire and what religion did they convert to? islamic empire; islam
for the sub-saharan africa, societies were _______________ and missed out on the cutlural diffusion of the ___________ era isolated; classical
where did most socities of sub-saharan live in on what kind of based clans farming villages in family-based clans
how were histories shared and what was this a result of orally by storytellers; bc few socities had written language
what were the names of storytellers who orally spread hisotry griots
what kind of tools did socities in sub-saharan africa make iron tools
were sub-saharan ppl mono or polytheistic? polytheistic
practiced by people of sub-saharan africa in which is a religion in which spirits exist in nature and play a role in daily life animism
eastern african societies participated in what trade network and were shapes by what? indian ocean trade network; cultural diffusion
this kingdom of the eastern african societies traded in the indian ocean trade network and became a christian kingdom the kingdom of aksum
who introduced islasm to eastern african trade cities arab merchants
the mix of african and arab cultures led to a new language known as? swahili language
after islam was introduced to eastern african societies, who ruled towns and mosques muslim sultan
what was the results of islam being introduced in eastern africa in terms of converts many kept traditional religious beliefs
what was west africa shaped by? trans-saharan trade network
what did west africa have large deposits of? what did they lack gold; salt
what increased cultural dffusion with muslim merchants in western africa; it also connecte north and west africa gold-salt trade
when islam was introduced to western africa did it slowly or rapdidly gain converts? what did they often mix islam with slowly; with animism or never converted
what led to wealth and empires in west africa the gold-salt trade
how did ghana become an empire and by when by taxing merchants, building a large army and conquering surrounding poeple; by 800's
what purpose did ghana kings serve as religious leaders, judges and generals
when ghana empire was eventually overthrown, which empire emerged mali empire
mali's king who took over ghana kingdom and trade in west africa sundiata
what were some accomplishments sundiata was knwon for created efficient government, promoted farming, and controlled trade
who converted to islam in the mali empire the kings after sundiata
who was the most impirtant king of mali empire mansa musa
how many men were in mansa musa's army and why was this army built 100,000 men; to keep control of mali
what did mansa musa do to help him rule over his large mali empire divided empire into provinced and appointed governors
mansa musa was a devout _________ and went on ____________ in 1324 muslim; hajj
what did mansa musa pass out along the way of his hajj and what are two reasons why? to help poeple he met along the way but to also spread the knowledge of mali's wealth
what did mansa musa do when he returned from mecca built mosques throughout mecca including timbuktu
trade city that attracted shcolars, doctors, and religious leaders; it had a university and became an importaant center for learning timbuktu
what empire replace mali after it declined and along what trade routes did kings gain control of trade cities songhai; along the gold salt trade rotues
this empire was hte lergest of the west african empires songhai empir
what ended when songhai empire fell in 1591 a 1000 year era of empire in west africa
what two powerful forces were african socities transformed from? trade with outsiders and introductiion of islam
Kingdoms of Africa the kingdoms of africa notes

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