Question Answer
MA¶gen To like
MA¶chten Would like to
MA?ssen To have to, must
Wollen To want to
DA?rfen To be permitted
KA¶nnen To be able to
Sollen To be supposed to, should
Werden Will
In die stadt In the city
In die disko In the disco
Ins kino In the theater
Ins Konzert In the concert
Ins Schwimmbad In the swimming pool
In die pizzeria In the pizzeria
Zum Kaufhaus Department store
Zum imbiss Snack bar
Zu (Name) At
Nach hause To go home
Mit (Name) With
Die musik The music
Das fach The (school) subject
Das Kaufhaus The mall
Der krimi The detective movie/thriller
Der film The movie/film
Die Klamotten Clothing
K6 B Vocabulary

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